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United Kingdom & International Employers

Modern Business Solutions is a dynamic Advertising & Resourcing Business dedicated to all industry sectors, bringing a diverse and highly skilled workforce to a growing marketplace, having many years of experience in all sectors of the United Kingdom & International Business Marketplace and knowing how overheads can escalate through Prohibitive Advertising Costs, we have created our business to help companies large and small gain the skilled workforce they require to fulfil their employment needs for a great value resourcing and advertising fee.

Our systems have been specifically designed to filter all applicants CV’s from the multi job board searching and posting system we operate, and only provide to our clients the most relevant CV’s according to the client’s specific criteria, relevance 85% to 100% CV’s to be provided to you throughout the time of your advert period.

Modern Business Solutions does not have contracts.
We do not charge placement fees.
We do not conduct interviews.
You know exactly the calibre of person you are looking for.
You know the qualifications and experience required.
Massive cost savings to be made for SME’s in the global recruitment marketplace!!

Modern Business Solutions operates through our Multi Posting and CV Searching software, where we have Premier & Specialist Job Boards at our disposal. When you post a vacancy through our system, you will be able to select a number of job boards that you wish your advert to appear on. There may be other boards which are relevant to your advert these can be utilised at the touch of a button, you will automatically be able to initiate a full CV search on all of your selected boards!! This will give you an immediate flow of candidates CV’s whilst waiting for the applications to come through.

Advantages for Employers

  • If your recruitment resourcing and advertising costs have become too prohibitive in the present world economic situation, don’t use the old fashioned costly solutions for your employment requirements use the new Modern Business Solutions platform.
  • Cost effective.
  • Flexible packages.
  • Premier and Specialist boards.
  • No Contracts.
  • Access to candidates seeking employment outside the United Kingdom.
  • Access to International Candidates wishing to seek employment within the United Kingdom.
  • Available Boards:
    Jobsite, Monster, Reed, Total Jobs, Career Builder, Money Jobs, City Jobs, Oil Careers.
    (Other boards will be added as market conditions evolve.)

For Further Information

Contact: Ken Owen

Tel: +90 533 825 5538